Monday, February 18, 2013

Diminishing judgement

Years ago, before we had kids, I remember someone telling me a story about a 2 and 4 year old that covered a bedroom in baby powder.  I asked the storyteller, "Who was watching them?!  How does that happen?"  This person, most likely a parent themselves, chuckled and blew off my question. 

Three days ago I walked into the kitchen to find Sam (2 1/2) sitting at the table.  There was a full cup of apple juice splashed across the table.  Dry cereal was scattered here and there.  And Sam had dipped my DS stylus into a tube of chapstick and plucked out the entire contents.  He was playing Mario Brothers on a chapstick smeared screen.  I did not pause to ask, "Who was watching this boy?  How did this happen?"  No.  I now know these things just happen.  Not only was I just down the hall, but his father and grandmother were too. 

At least when he is asleep I know there's no mischief.


She helps keep him in line, too.

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