Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

A card from your little one, kind words, a thoughtful gift, and a nice meal made by someone else are wonderful Mother's Day gifts, but I think as moms of young children most of us would admit that some time away with friends is a great gift too! Well, I must say, I got a little of everything this Mother's Day.

A game at the new stadium with friends!

Outstanding seats (Beth took this picture sitting in our seats!)
Grandma time (and one of her homecooked meals -- yum!)
A beautiful day with my sweeties!

How to say "no" in Spanish

Lily loves to try out phrases or words she has heard other places (even if she isn't quite sure of the meaning). Here are a few recent examples:

*While I was helping her get her socks on she nonchalantly said, "Mom, I think I am going to take up the violin."

*After I asked her, just once, to help me clean up her room, she replied, "I have told you several times, I don't want to clean up right now."

*When she noticed that I had moved the rocking chair from her room to the baby room, she ran into the bathroom and asked in an upbeat voice, "Where is that stinkin' chair?"

*Mike had been saying "Bof 'um" when referring to two things (both of them). When Lily started using the phrase I asked her what it meant. She confidently replied, "Bof 'um means "no" in Spanish."