Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maplewood State Park

It was a Wednesday afternoon in early May.  The van was packed with more gear than a family of four could ever need.  They strapped in the kids and made the one hour trek to Pelican Rapids.  As they weaved into the State Park, the girl unbuckled her seat belt, too excited to be restrained.  They approached the three cabins and realized there was no one else there.  The mom and dad smiled.

No time was wasted before they ran down to the lake.  The children later learned the word "hill" since this was foreign to them in their homeland of Moorhead. 

The boy could have spent all day on the dock, throwing in rock after rock after rock.

The girl wanted to get in the water, but only on her own time.

There was hiking, or "I-king" as the boy called it.

There were discoveries (It turns out no one in the family is fond of tent caterpillars)

There were more hikes and snacks too.

There was even a little time for the mom and dad to sit and relax.

This family really loved having Maplewood to themselves. 

And they drove home, peacefully ever after.