Sunday, January 24, 2010


Those of you who don't live around here may be surprised that making a good snowman is actually pretty rare for us. Although we have plenty of snow, it is often too cold for the snow to stick together well enough to make a decent snowman.
However, Saturday was a perfect snowman day. As fat, wet flakes fell, we (Mike, Lily, my parents, and I) filled our front yard with a snowmom, snowdad, snowbaby, and even . . .

a snowgiant! (Yes, that is a parrot on his shoulder -- look familiar, Uncle Dale?)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fight the Frost

Last Saturday we took Lily to the United Way fundraiser at the Fargodome. The arena floor was filled with 30 of the largest inflatable games I have seen.
Lily was in awe for about two seconds then off and running. She got a tame ride on a rodeo bull.
There were huge slides.

And all kinds of crazy themed games, including this dino where you climbed in the mouth and exited through a hole in the rear!

For $6, Lily played all morning with very little waiting in line. Well worth it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Although the year is not so new anymore, I still haven't posted from our New Year's Eve party. We got together with some college friends who we have been with almost every New Year since our NWC days. The addition of children has added a new dimension to our party, and though 6 little girls ages 4 1/2 and younger doesn't sound like a New Year's Eve bash, we had a great time. The girls played so well together, and thanks to Jon and Laurie's spacious house, the adults could chat and play cards without battling the noise!

I love watching Laurie in this video, attempting to somehow childproof the room :-)

Dressing up!

The adults (and Jeremy)