Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well, my next post will most likely be devoted to the new little boy in our lives (4 days and counting!), so I thought I'd give Lily her one last moment alone in the spotlight. (Baby boy may never get his moment alone!)

Here are a few random pics from the last couple months that I missed. She really has changed a lot this summer. Sometimes we look at her and realize she is now a "kid," not a toddler anymore.

Full of joy, imaginative, funny, independent, and thoughtful: I am convinced she will be an excellent big sister!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At the Lake

Once again my aunt and uncle generously let my family use their lake place for a week. This year, my whole family was able to make it. As you can see, we had tons of fun.

My parents celebrating their 40th Anniversary!
Some of the ladies, relaxing
Cousins on the mega-tube

Mike, wakeboarding for the first time

A couple of nice fish

Even the nine-month-pregnant mom went for a tame tube ride. (Having two doctors on the boat made me feel secure!)

Trying to shake the oldest cousin from the hammock!