Friday, April 27, 2012


We stopped at a busy store today.  While in the van, Lily commented, "That building looks more popular than it is."  Trying to understand what she meant I asked her what popular means.  She thought a moment then said, "It means people like it, but it is prettier on the outside than it is on the inside."

Watch out world.  Our Lily just might have you all figured out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So I don't forget

This was a big week for Lily. 
Last Sunday, she had a friend over who could ride her bike without training wheels.  This made Lily sad because she could not also do this.  Mike and I wondered how she would react.  Life is full of this type of challenges -- sulk or step up.  Well, starting Thursday, she asked to practice riding without training wheels.  So we did.  Everyday.  Many times a day.  And by Monday afternoon, she was starting herself and pedaling off down the sidewalk.  Her persistence paid off.
Now she is carrying her learn-to-read books around, convinced she is ready to read.  And today she starts swimming lessons.  She says, "I  just know swimming without a life jacket will be easy-peasy for me soon."  Well, who knows?  Go get 'em, Lily.

And just so I don't forget, at supper the other day Lily made an out-of-the-blue request.  "If you guys get to heaven before I do, can you say 'hi' to George Washington for me?"  Gotta love that girl.