Sunday, May 15, 2011

So big!

Well, this could be my last blog for about a year.  We have entered the hover stage.  From now on I will have no energy to type up cute stories or take adorable pictures.  Sam is now crawling, fast.  Today, if it weren't for his big sister, he would have taken a header down the stairs (yes, the gates are now up, but what a pain they are!).  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Sam discover, grow, and change.  He now claps, does "so big" (see below), and waves bye-bye.  Those thing melt a parent's heart.  But this constant monitoring, worrying, hovering -- well, it is exhausting.  Ah well, this too shall pass, and probably too quickly.

Flipping on the rings

Daughter and Daddy

Rapunzel tower made by Mike!

A new favorite photo for me

Can you see the two bottom teeth?  He is now working on the top ones!

A video of Sammy's "so big!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just for the record. . .

Here is a Lily story I don't want to forget:

After waking up from her nap, Lily came up to me in the kitchen and the first thing she said was, "Okay, well, I am trying to act more like a 5-year-old."
So I asked her what she thought that would look like.
Rolling her eyes, she said, "Well, Mom, that's why I am asking you.  You have been a 5-year-old before, so you know.  I have never been 5!"
"Well, it has been a long time, Lily.  What do you think 5-year-olds do?"
With a heavy sigh she responded, "Well, I suppose they listen to their parents."

I am just realizing I need to capitalize on this conversation.  Do 5-year-olds change stinky diapers?

Also, Lily has started using the phrase, "Just for the record," quite often.  Examples:
"Just for the record, I like Fruity Pebbles more than Cheerios."
"Just for the record, Sam has a poopy diaper."
"Just for the record, I don't want to take a bath tonight."
And my favorite, "Just for the record, I love saying 'Just for the record'."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waiting. . .

As we wait, very impatiently, for warmer weather, I will try to focus on some uplifting things around here.

First, Sammy is moving all over the place.  Although he doesn't crawl in the traditional sense, that does not keep him stationary.  He scoots, army crawls, rolls and wiggles wherever he wants to be.  He is still a pretty happy boy, but his mood can shift quickly if he is hungry, which is quite often.  If we can keep him filled up, though, we are in good shape.  His bottom teeth are finally poking through and he is enjoying more and more finger foods.

Lily continues to be a wonderful big sister.  Jealous at times, she will perform stunts to get our attention, but she is very loving with her brother.  We have seen the beginnings of otherwise, however.  The other day she was coloring on the floor and Sam pulled himself over to her and started messing with her markers.  She was patient at first, moving slightly away from him a couple times.  Suddenly I heard, "Sam, I'm serious!  Stop touching those!"  And so it begins.

Mike is officially done with the semester, minus a few more papers to grade.  And I am down to 24 days.  I have decided to take a leave of absence next year to be home with the kids.  I am excited about the chance to spend more time with them while under less stress.  I will admit, I am also a bit nervous about using the time well, managing our money, and keeping us all sane!  Mike and I feel good about the decision, though, and look forward to the change of pace.