Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Growing up too fast. . .

A couple nights ago, I put Lily's booster seat in the tub with her to wash it up and store it away, since she really doesn't need it anymore. As I was drying it off, she asked me what I was doing.
"You don't need this seat anymore. You are a big girl."
"I am a big girl?" she asked incredulously.
"Yep. You're getting big."
With a sudden intake of her breath she exclaimed, "Now I can shave!"

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blizzard Sunday

Documentation of our 24 hours indoors together. Isn't Fargo grand?

Cutting out cookies with Daddy. . .

and Mommy.

Frosting cookies (check out the blue lips)

Playing the "Nap Game" -- Lily tells us to take a nap, "reads" to us, pats our back, etc. (Her new favorite -- and ours!)

Check out the drift!

This door is still out of commission.

Adventurous spirit: He just had to venture out and see the town. (He was back in less than 10 minutes!)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Christmas Program

Here is a snippet from Lily's first Christmas Program. The boy next to her is her best bud at school. (Mike likes how he holds the baby doll like a football.) Believe it or not, there was an even younger group that performed. The teachers at her daycare are wonderful and we feel blessed to have her in such a loving, Christian atmosphere.

Grandma and Grandpa "Cwabtwee" came for a quick visit this weekend. When they walked in to pick up Lily from daycare, she began laughing and sprinting around the room like a nut. Goofy.

Mike and I got an evening out for Christmas shopping (and came home with nothing!) and Lily got some quality time with Grandpa and Grandma.

Per his usual, Grandpa was teasing her while we were strolling around Target. He would repeat what she was saying with a "w" in place of an "r." Finally she'd had enough and sternly said, "Don't use that voice, Grandpa." She is learning to handle the men in her life that can't help but tease her.

These are a bit old, but here are some fun pics from our Thanksgiving at a hotel. She couldn't get enough of the pools or her cousins, especially Mina. (Can't wait to have you closer E and B!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well, after prompting from a couple friends, I am trying my hand at blogging. So, here is my place to record funny stories and random thoughts from our life.

I will start by sharing a funny Lily story from this morning. Lily's daycare group was singing at the church service this morning. (Her daycare is housed in a Luthern church near our house.) On the way there, Mike said, "What about the camera?"
Realizing we forgot it, I said, "Oh my gosh!" a phrase that we have discouraged Lily from using.
I hear a sweet voice from the back seat say, "We don't say that, Mommy. We say, 'Oh goodness.'"