Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mighty Red

The Red River of the north has apparently crested, and now we just await the recession of the water. They say it will be a slow process and no one will breathe easier until next Sunday when the river will be below 38 ft. All kinds of outside support is here to help monitor and repair the miles of sand, earth and even hay bale dikes. At one point today we saw both a Coast Guard and Black Hawk helicopter flying over the city. We ventured to the river today and took a few pictures -- after all, this is an historic event! The first picture is a summer view that I found online and is simply for comparison to the second picture, which we took just hours ago.

The trees on the left side of this picture normally mark the riverbank. All of the water to the right of the trees (pretty much all the water you see in the picture) is outside the river channel.This picture shows the Fargo side of the bridge where there is usually a cement platform for viewing the river (left of photo). You can see that the retaining wall is holding back the water from the main street bridge (right of photo) that connects the two cities.

This last picture is my favorite. There is normally a road that runs under this railroad bridge. Notice the yellow sign. The road usually has a 14ft 3in clearance. Thankfully we are completely dry in our neighborhood. . . until tomorrow when we expect 4-8 inches of snow! Crazy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, the flood consumes our thoughts and actions here in Fargo-Moorhead. Our days have been filled with activities we have never done before:
*Moving most items from our basement to the upper level "just in case"

*Searching the town for a place to buy drain and toilet plugs

*Installing plugs and bracing them against the ceiling to prevent sewage from filling our basement (that job was all Mike's doing -- great job honey!)

*Passing bag after bag of sand (Mike has put in much more time than me on that one too)

*Monitoring city press conferences (When else would you watch a city meeting on TV)
*General worry about a flood and snowstorm simultaneously

Maybe this will be the incentive to remodel the pink bathroom! Yuck.

On a lighter note, here is a picture from this past weekend. We visited Jeremy and Steph and the weather was so nice that the girls played at the park for over an hour. As you can see Lily was in just a T-shirt! The girls had a great time together (and so did the parents).

It seems like every kid loves to throw rocks on the bottom of a slide!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, I am not yet convinced that spring is officially here, but we are trying to think positive around here. The drift that dwarfed our fence is finally shrinking. Now we just need to be sure we have our flood boots on!

At least Lily is enjoying the water surplus!

Ice cream is delicious any time of year.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Friday night a bunch of kids from our church gathered at a place called TNT -- a gymnastics facility. They opened up all the gymnastics equipment, and the kids had a blast. Lily was so excited, she could hardly eat supper. "I'm off to go to 'nastics'!" she kept declaring. All last summer she went to a different gymnastics program, and I was hard-pressed to get her to jump into "the pit" -- a huge hole in the floor filled with foam cubes. But when we arrived at TNT on Friday night, she ran straight to the edge of the pit and jumped right in!

Here she is ready to drop 4 feet into the pit.

Yes, she jumped in.

Swingin' away!

This picture is just from this morning. We are home today due to ANOTHER blizzard. Ugh. I was working in the bedroom and I heard Lily talking in a low, gentle voice. I came out to see her covering up Zipper, patting her back and encouraging her to "go to sleep." So sweet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February Retreat

Most of you know that last week, Mike and I took a much-too-brief trip to warmer weather in Fort Myers, FL. We had a great time hanging out together, catching up on some sleep, and basking in 75 degree, sunny days. Although coming back to -20 windchills was brutal, we were thankful for the break. Lily had a grand time with Grandpa and Grandma Crabtree. They "endured" her constant chatter and showered her with love. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Though the water was too cold to truly swim, Mike braved the water briefly.

We went to Twins Spring Training one morning (Mike's trip highlight) and saw some players up close and personal. . .

Like Mike Redmond!

We spent an afternoon playing 18 holes. This palm tree on the course amazed me!

We took lots of walks on many different beaches (my favorite part of the trip).

This is my newest "happy-place" image.