Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fall Review

Being back teaching this year as put a strain on my time, to say the least.  I have had many ups and downs, moments of exhaustion and exhilaration.  But through it all, my three loves have remained at the center.  The fall went by in a blur, but here are a few moments worth savoring.
 Leaf pile fun

"Boo at the Zoo" costumes - my scandinavian indians! 

Can't believe this picture really came before the next one!

 Jack and Jill trick or treating at the Concordia dorms.
 Our little Ollie turned 7!
 Sam had a bout of sleep trouble.  Climbing in bed with "Yiyi" seemed to help.
 Small family Thanksgiving
 Random fun with my boys

Much-loved snowman jammies for putting up the tree

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